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visiting Japanese garden at rockford, IL

This Sunday we took a trip down to the city of Rockford, IL. The agenda was to visit the Japanese gardens. I have read multiple mentions of this place in many blogs, Instagram posts etc.  Since this is not a long drive (approx 65 miles from Naperville, IL), and doesn't need much planning in any bookings, reservations, night stays, we just drove towards it after breakfast. The morning was bright and sunny but by the time we started the sky was all overcast. I am still extremely thankful that it didn't rain or spoilt our trip. It is still early autumn here, so the weather wasn't as brutal too, hovering in the lower 50s or higher 40s. The drive was smooth, although once in Rockford there are like zillions of traffic signals to cross. It also has that old town vibe.
The gardens are on this nice very green sort of patch. It has a decent sized parking although that should give you an idea of what type of crowd it could pull. I would think that you couldn't park more than 20…

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