E46, Is TikTok's growing user base the issue, or are there real Security risks?

E46, Is TikTok's growing user base the issue, or are there real Security risks?

Hello All,

This week I found the following interesting,

  1. What kind of Security Risks is being seen around Tiktok?
  2. Hero Worship in Tech and the sad reality of Layoffs
  3. US's No Fly List revealed by a hacker
  4. The massive (and second) breach at T-Mobile
  5. 35,000 SSNs Stolen at Paypal
  6. AWS's Second region goes live in Australia
  7. Can the elephant Dance? IBM's Hybrid Cloud Strategy
  8. RxPass from Amazon
  9. Deep Work advice | A post from Founders of Basecamp
  10. Books and Articles I am reading
  11. Quote I am pondering over

Lets go.

Tiktok and Security Risks. Why?

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Security concerns against TikTok are growing in the US.

But, here is how about it.

Google and Facebook are American companies and have more data than anyone else on their people.

The role of Facebook in the election results is well-known too.

So, why is it such a big concern around Tiktok?

Why were Google or Facebook never banned?

Is it the growth of TikTok or are there facts there?

There are no proofs that have come out to the public yet showing TikTok has weaponized the data.

Hero Worship needs to stop! Even in Tech

After Microsoft, Google also is laying off 10,000 people globally. The layoffs in the tech sector have accelerated.

I am quite upset about this, seeing so many people lose their jobs at these top companies.

We should avoid hero worship. Even in tech.

Elon has been the poster boy for innovation. But, in the Twitter deal, everything went south. Lots of bad decisions and Ego.

Now Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are balancing their P&Ls and laying off people.

The demigods of Tech have been termed villains today.

The Hero worship needs to stop.

A Hacker Revealed US's, No-Fly List

FBI maintains a "no-Fly" list for the US.

This is data of travelers barred from traveling to or from the US. We know that.

A Swiss hacker leaked this list with 1.5 Million records and made it public.

Not surprising at all - The list was on an unsecured cloud storage server.

35 Million customer's data stolen at Tmobile | A Massive payout and a brand under question

Tmobile finished paying $350M in a class action suit for a previous breach.

But This week, another breach took place.

Hackers stole 37 Million Customers' data.

This included names, billing addresses, emails, phone numbers, dates of birth, T-Mobile account numbers, and information describing the kind of service they have with the wireless carrier.

This is after T-mobile assured of several steps to invest in a security overhaul. This must hurt!

Paypal hack - 35,000 SSNs stolen

Hackers stole 35,000 Paypal users' sensitive info. This included SSN. The attack took place in December.

I am still wondering how did they get access to it this info?

Would Paypal store SSNs?

It's a potential bombshell in the industry to keep such critical information.

AWS's 2nd region goes live in Australia

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I want to point out how well they communicate these massive investments. Communication is so powerful because it shows the outcome - for customers, for the region, and so forth.

They are not pointing out the features, but the benefits.

Can Elephant Dance: IBM's Focus on Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Post restructuring, IBM is moving counting on its hybrid cloud Strategy. They rolled out a brand new partner program to get partners excited. The projected Cloud Revenue (this fiscal) is better compared to the past two years.

IBM has 3,800 clients on its hybrid cloud platform and has been growing. 95% of Fortune 50 companies use IBM's Cloud offerings. This presents a massive opportunity.

The most difficult thing in business is to land new customers. IBM has access to some large pockets. Excited to see where the IBM story heads further.

RxPass from Amazon Rolls out

Amazon rolls out its RxPass, a subscription service for customers with prime membership. it's a $5 fee for prime members to fill as many prescriptions as needed. they currently have 50 generic medications. and my comparison shows their costs are cheaper than everyone else.

Deep Work and accomplishing a ton of stuff