A Great Week: Edition 2

A Great Week: Edition 2
"You action and your action alone will determine your worth"- Evelyn Waugh

Welcome to 2022.

As you begin this new year, the quote acts as a reminder for us to strategize, focus, think but most importantly keep 'Action' in the forefront.

The Millennium bug, the Y2k22 got real over the New Year Weekend.

The bug hit several companies past midnight. Microsoft has issued a fix now. It is humbling to see a date check failure still making news in 2022.

Why is ZeroTrust going to be talked about even more in 2022?

I listened to a conversation with the founder of the Zero trust framework, John Kindervag.

He works with the White House & DoD on Cyber Security advisory. In this video, he talks about important issues around cyber security, the growing relevance of the Zero Trust framework, and his predictions for the year.

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Top books executives & CIOs are reading + 2 of my recommendation for 2022

Reading plays a huge role in our lives.

I am sharing some recommendations to review and add books to your 'reading list'.

What books are top business leaders reading?

What books are top CIOs reading?

Here are 2 of my personal recommendations.

  • Psychology of money - This is a great book If you are curious about why we do, what we do while making financial decisions. It touches on concepts like the role of luck and risk, the importance of timing and its impact on decision making, humility, margins of errors. It is a short read but an information-dense book. my book review.
  • Show your work - This book challenges the notion of perfection or godsend creativity, instead of focusing on the process of sharing and learning and taking yourself to next level. Kleon, the author says it is written for the folks who don’t want to blow their own horns. His books have personally helped me.

apart from these, check out my library here.

21 examples of Storytelling with data that will instantly inspire you

With the growing importance of data analytics, storytelling using visualizations is for the sore eyes.

They can communicate more information per square cm than text can. The right visualizations communicate clearly and captivate. Visualizations are liberating. Helps the reader choose where they want to focus and what is most important for them.

I came across this inspiring list of 21 visualizations. From economic charts to metal mining to EV battery technologies to the fastest-growing jobs, these provide a great lesson in communications.


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