A Great Week: Edition 3

A Great Week: Edition 3

Hello All,

I Hope you are having a great week.

Here are the things that are on top of my mind.

Uncovering the likelihood of a Cyber Security Incident? A better metric instead to focus on instead

Cyber Security has been a hot topic for the past few years. It will be discussed furthermore in the coming days with the increasing cyberattacks. I always thought how cool it would be to predict the likelihood of an event? I used that lens to understand what helps ascertain the likelihood of cyber security incidents.

I have tried to cover those findings here.

You will understand the factors influencing the likelihood of a cyber security incident but about a more suitable metric. You can read the full post on my blog here.

Becoming an idea machine

I want to share a mind-expanding post from one of my favorite authors - James Altucher. He writes about leveraging our brain like a muscle to generate more ideas as a discipline. It becomes easier over time, similar to how physical exercise becomes easier as you train your body. He establishes the value of a simple routine. He explains how this simple exercise can open new doors and have a profound impact on our lives. The example of Richard Branson, his complete inexperience with the airline business, his sighting of a gap in customer experience, his phone call to Boeing all weave a story. He nails the value of taking action as a key part of the ideation process. It is a great read.

$100B Valuation of Big data by 2027 🤯

We all know we are creating and collecting data at an unprecedented rate. But, this article put into perspective and blew my mind by predicting $100B valuations by 2027. It is not surprising but still perplexing when you ponder over the number. As data production explodes, tools and technologies to manage, store, ingest, govern and consume this data exponentially grow. Being able to draw meaningful insights from this data will be a niche in itself in the data and analytics world.

Using "uncertainty" in modeling for better prediction

As manufacturing and logistics have been leveraging JIT approach there has been very little resilience built in the ecosystem, to bear the disruptions caused by the pandemic. It is no surprise we are seeing commodity prices risks, reduced availability of semiconductor chips and related products. This post points to improving forecasts by taking uncertainty into account. HBR puts together a solid POV with relevant examples. Here is one such post. Read the post here.

What I am reading currently?

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Current book

I am currently reading the 2nd book from Austin's trilogy-  keep Going. I connect to his writing style and his approach to thinking about work products. It doesn't matter if you are a marketer, CEO, or musician, the lessons are the same. It's an easy-to-read short book as an additional advantage.


Last week I downloaded and started reading the 2021 world economic forum report. It is a detailed report on what are the biggest threat from an economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal, and technological point of view. I am in particular interested in the forces in the digital space which are posing risks to us.

It is not surprising to see CyberSecurity failures being listed there, but the digital Inequality piece is intriguing. Pls download a copy here if you want to nerd out on those details.


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