A great Week: Edition 7

A great Week: Edition 7

Hello Folks,

Welcome to Edition #7 and my 51st Article on Linkedin.

Retail Shopping, Amazon Style

From Amazon Go to Amazon Fresh to integrating Whole Foods, Amazon has shown us that Digital+Physical is the way forward for customer experience, Customer Acquisition, and driving operational efficiencies. Amazon is now coming up with Amazon Style, a new in-store shopping experience in Apparel-retail space.

Amazon Style launches in fall 2022 and promises to combine tech, Operations, style, and customer experience.

Cloud Revenues byte - Q4 2021

  • World wide cloud infra spend - $50B
  • AWS - $17.78B, 39.5% growth
  • GCP- $5.54
  • Azure- fastest-growing cloud business with 51% YoY.

Interestingly enough, GCP is yet to turn profitable.

Security will lead the business case for digital transformation

For the next 5-10 years, I see Cyber Security as the torchbearer for any digital transformation business case. CEOs have focused on initiatives that generate revenue, but due to the growing impact of Security incidents on the business viability and how a company is perceived, Cyber Security is becoming front and center to strategy.

There are 4 forces shaping the modern enterprise:

  • Stricter Cyber Security laws. These laws could govern data security, cyber risk disclosure, cyber security events disclosure, and a lot more.
  • Rising Rates of cyber insurance. they are up by 40% already, thanks to a significant uptick in ransomware & cyber attacks. Cyber insurance could become too expensive coverage and hurt the bottom line.
  • Perception of Wall Street & Investors while evaluating a company's potential towards investment resilience.
  • The adverse impacts from a financial & business disruption point of view.

Google's bold move, now as a movie

A new 2 part documentary explores the origins of the Kubernetes Open Source project. I enjoyed watching it.

In 2013, Amazon was becoming big & mature, Some of the senior Google-rs came together. The focus was on three things:

  1. How do we present a credible option to the dominance of AWS?
  2. How do we differentiate ourselves from amazon, with the strengths of what Google already had in infrastructure?
  3. How do we focus on exponential Innovation vs linear?

The documentary outlines how the revolution brought in by dockers(making containerization accessible) found a perfect match in google desperately looking for something to break through the cloud space with an innovative solution.

Go Watch it. "Kubernetes: The Documentary"

Pondering over it

This particular lesson caught my attention among many others while Reading portions of "My Life in Full" by Indra Nooyi, the Former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo.

Every highly successful or accomplished individual has achieved success by committing, spending an inordinate amount of time on their craft. Not by sitting on the sideline or doing something half-hearted. All of them also carry on with certain guilt of not being able to spread their time with family and loved ones.

Who knows where is the balance or what is the right algorithm? The answer may be in what Naval Ravikanth says- "The Best Kind Of Work Feels Like Play To You But Looks Like Work To Others."


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