Newsletter E9: Free Cyber Security tools, Healthcare ripe for disruption & Company of One

Hello All,

Welcome to another amazing week.

Free Cyber Security Tools from CISA

US CyberSecurity & infrastructure security agency (CISA) has published valuable and FREE cybersecurity resources. As tensions rise in the Ukrainian region, CISA has been warning about increased cyber attacks from Russian Cybercriminals. These resources are helpful for every company to ensure foundational measures are in place.

Organizations can use free tools to reduce the likelihood of damaging cyber incidents, being able to detect malicious activity, respond to incidents, and maximize resilience.

Check the guide here

Amazon's investments into the healthcare sector is a sign that the segment is ripe for a disruption

Healthcare has tremendous amounts of opaqueness and flab and is ripe for modernization.

In my last edition, I mentioned Mark Cuban's Cost Plug eCommerce prescription service, Oracle's Cerner deal, and the healthcare sector becoming a hotbed for disruption.

Past week, I read about Amazon Care and the complete redefining of healthcare for the masses. Amazon Care has existed since the Fall of 2019 and is bringing virtual and in-person services at scale.

Amazon is also investing and offering a healthcare Accelerator program via AWS for start-ups. A cohort of participating start-ups would get technical, business, and mentorship in solving healthcare industry challenges using AWS technologies.

Book Talk

The past few weeks have been great in terms of absorbing and learning from a bunch of books. Over the weekend I have just started reading a highly recommended book "Company of One" by Paul Jarvis. I am already impressed after being 20 pages in. I will share key highlights once I finish. Have you read this?

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Sharing hand-drawn illustration

During the past few weeks, I have gained the courage to show the hand-drawn illustrations which are part of my ideation process. I have been a visual learner throughout and pencil and paper are my mediums to carry out any type of thinking, but It is recently that I began learning from illustrators and sharing my masterpieces 😀. I hope to share more in the coming weeks. These can save a lot of time, be a little raw, very unique, and highly personal (and make one question their decision of sharing it in public). What do you think?

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