Living Article: Books I am reading [updated 8/16/2018]

Here is my first living article where I want to document the books I am reading currently. I will come back later to add more books which I have read through this year, and then eventually add a list of books which I own, and read throughout. I am hoping this page will become a resource for me in long-term to keep a track record of books which made their way in my life.
  1. Make your Bed: Little Things that can change your Life by William H McRaven [10/3/2017] reading this book right now, borrowed from my library.
  2. First Impressions by Ann Demarais [To be read, 10/4/2017]
  3. Happy Money by Elizabeth Dunn & Michael Norton [to be read, 10/4/2017]
  4. High-Profit Prospecting by Mark Hunter. [Read, entered 10/4/2017] Excellent practical tips on prospecting. must read book in 2018 for a b2b sales career.
  5. The Greatest Miracle in the world by O G Mandino [Read, entered 10/4/2017] amazingly uplifting book.
  6. Spin selling - Nail Rackham [Read, Entered 8/16/2018] another excellent book on sales which i probably read twice on the Trott. 
  7. Rework - Jason Fried [Read, Entered 8/16/2018] one of the classic books by a guy whom i admire a lot. 
  8. Spin selling field guide book [Read, Entered 8/16/2018] I actually read the field book first, and then went to the actual spin selling book.
  9. The Obstacle is the way- Ryan Holiday [Reading]
  10. The effective executive- Peter Drucker [reading] 


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