02 November 2017

Walk around Riverwalk in naperville during fall

Fall is the best time of the year, and generally, We get out to seek outdoors and enjoy the colors all around. I had an excellent walk a few days back through the yellow trees and I had captured them here if you missed my previous post.
This time, it was a Thursday afternoon and the day was beautiful. The sky was clear blue with no clouds. It was like you get up in the morning and see such glorious day and it brings a smile to your face. golden sun rays, a light wind which makes all the colorful trees dance and then the light streaks shining through them. my bird feeder swinging lightly and a couple of small birds swinging on it and feeding.
On a day like this, During the afternoon I had an hour of time where I could sneak out. Since morning, working on my standing desk and huge windows by them, I was craving to go outside and soak in this beautiful day.
So, Dipti and I decided to take a quick walk outside. My plan was slightly different. Instead of our typical loop around the suburb, I wanted to check out the river walk area in the Naperville downtown.

I was feeling very hopeful that the colors around there must have turned magical as well, and it would be a treat to watch the downtown show through the fall colors. In a 5 minute drive, we were walking at the bell tower in the downtown.

Fall foliage in the Riverwalk area:

The colors to my surprise were not fully developed everywhere and there were a ton of greens around yet. Some of them were starting to turn light yellow and generally the maple tree was the only showing colors here. Not very different from my experience in other places. The fall season has been different this year. however, the water was gushing through and the sunlight through some golden leaves was magical. We soaked in the flowing waters standing on the bridge connecting the bell tower and the Riverwalk.

a lady walks through the bridge on riverwalk