20 June 2024

Why no is reading my posts? Or newsletter? Or cold emails

 The above questions have plagued me often.

This is a constant question i ask myself every few days when I notice a plateau.

In my pursuit for engagement, I turn to twitter.

I drown in the ocean of smart writers, great hooks and threads.

They have so much to say, yet the real connection missing. That secret sauce is often behind a sales page in form of a ebook or a guide or a course.
A ton of them offer their highest value product Free. ”only until this friday”. If only you gave them the email ID right now.

But, my question remains open.

This question is like asking

"What is the meaning of life".

There is no one answer.

Plus it may not be worth finding the answer but living and experiencing.
Here is what has what has helped me move forward every time i ask that question.

Clarity and Purpose

What is that i am sending that email? why i am writing weekly? What is the larger purpose behind? knowing this is important. it reminds you of your mission. Doing something without a mission can be disorienting.

Who is this for, What is in it for them

Why should they read? It is important to continue to sharpen the persona for whom you write. It better be not for everything. and, why? Assuming that persona and putting yourself in those shoes, tells you what may be worth their time. Why should they read? why should they get on a call? why should they leave everything and listen to you?

Embrace Trial and Error mindset

This is the life and blood of anyone who works with any creative pursuit. No one knows the recipie. heck, if there is one, it changes. People are doing million things. so, it is important to start with a failure case in mind, and adapt trial and error mindset.

Simplicity of the message is super power

The simplicity is key. writing in simple language. focusing on benefits. not blowing your own horn. keeping the message short. the simplicity matters. Dont over complicate it.

Staying at it if the purpose is noble

The final piece is to pick yourself up and show up. even when you feel like giving up, do it one more time. remind yourself about the goal and the purpose. If the purpose is noble, stay the course.

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