20 June 2024

Here are 7 powerful Daily practices that have a deep impact on my work, personal life, and mindset

 The biggest gains in life come from compounding. be it an investment of money, time, or building skills. The longer the time horizon the bigger skill you can build.

A shortcut method will not work. Here are things that give me immediate returns on invested time. I ask you to try them out and include them in your day.

7 hours of sleep

sleep is a game changer. Our brains have neuroplasticity which means they can change. The right sleep and nutrition can do amazing things for us. Lebron James schedules everything around 10 hrs of sleep at night. He knows sleep is at the core of peak performance.

10 glasses of water

Once you start chugging more water, you realize how dehydrated you have always been. Drinking more water gives me higher energy, reduces fatigue, and keeps me active.

Write to untangle your head

I have been guilty of not being regular. The days I write are calmer. Writing down first thing or in the first hours of the morning helps me untangle my mind and reduce anxiety. My tip is not to not write with a pre-set format or prompts. write as your head wants. keep it open-ended. the mind will clear itself.

Exercise to change your state

Exercise is amazing. it has one of the fastest ROIs. you don't need to run a marathon or deadlift 500 pounds to get benefits. a few mins of sprinting can fire you up. Tony Robbins says, change your state to change your mindset and strategy. Something that ups your heartbeat and gets blood pumping can do wonders for our mental state.

2 to 5 mins of Deep Breathing

2 to 5 mins of deep breathing can clear your head. the extra oxygen helps calm the body and reset the monkey's mind. I usually do this a few times a day, and it feels incredible.

5 mins of Meditation

Sitting down and meditating is a game changer. My personal practice is not to use any chants. I sit down with my thoughts. 10 mins of meditation have great benefits throughout the day.

Fasting for 16 hrs

I have been intermittent fasting now for over a year. I eat my first meal at 12:30 and my dinner at 7:45 pm. The mornings are chugging water and coffee. This has been great for me. It has ROIed in reducing weight, making me fitter, more active, and more attentive compared to my old self.

That's it.
What are your favorite activities? The ones that have a quick return on time investment in improving your days?

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