20 June 2024

Controlling what is controllable in enterprise sales

 Everyone wants to get the sales, bring more customers, and add revenue.

Every leader wants results.

Outcomes matter. But, are they in anyone’s control?

Spending any type of money, talent or any resources can’t guarantee results.

They can increase your probability.

So, why not leaders and the community start focusing on the process.

What is in their control?

What can they influence?

It’s the effort. The method. The process.

Every leader that asks for results, or wants to deliver outcomes should focus on the quality and direction of the effort.

A strong focused effort will always yield results.

But focusing on outcomes only means results will elude you.

The outcome focused culture only breeds frustration, anxiety and the revolving door policies that a lot of companies in the US are famous for. 

If the sales resources/leaders dont bring in revenue, lay the team off, hire a new one and start again.

That needs to stop.

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