13 June 2024

Hello World- I am Returning to blogger and blogging.

Hello World,

It's been a while since I blogged on my website. 

I have been writing constantly, but it has been mostly on my personal LinkedIn account.

But, there has been a ton happening in my personal life that I have not documented.

Life has been fantastic, and I am grateful. But sometimes you need some space to let your creative juices flow and document your journey.

I moved to Ghost.org on a recommendation while listening to a YouTuber.

Similarly, in past years I had moved my blog to Wordpress. 

Both of these moves have been damaging to my blog, and my blogging habit.

It was a relief to see my blogger account still intact. My past posts are still here.

So, we are making a comeback.

There has been a ton of change in my life.

Traveling to place. 

Have another Baby. She just turned 2.

Learning Guitar.

Becoming a DIYer and doing several projects to our house in Chicago.

All of that is coming.

But first, I will move my posts back from ghost and make this blog the central point of my social posting existence.


Saurabh Mittal

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