29 June 2013

28 June 2013

The Lotus in a pond- Bangalore

Came across this beautiful lotus, at the pond at Ranganthittu bird sanctuary near bangalore. actually it is closer to mysore. Some times observation is what mesmerizes us. there is some much beauty everywhere, all we need is time and patience,  and eye to spot it.

Benches- Parlin, New Jersey

During My recent trip to US, I visited new jersey. Its a satellite state to New York, and has a beautiful spread of flora and fauna. While moving around the area, while my friend took me around, the benches actually caught my attention. Some shots for you. do tell me how you like them.

11 June 2013

New jersey Morning

new jersey mornings
One of those beautiful new jersey mornings. The sun comes out quite early, with a very late sun down. the air pollution is low, and the color of sunlight is amazingly beautiful these days. a morning cup of tea while seeing the sun come out, just made my day.