25 June 2024

The Joys of Security conferences

The security conferences scene is exploding...
with fluff.  Some honest talk is below. 👇

It is a bubble that may last longer than I like.

The keynotes are regurgitating high-level common sense stuff.
The solutions are generic. Vendors are desperate to speak to Prospects.

As a vendor, If you don't attend the conferences, there is this fear of missing out.

Vendors swarm executives. 
They may have access to funds. 
Not because they are thought leaders.

You realize,
  • more than half of the "Executives" showed up for free food, to build their social profiles, to skip work, or all of it.
  • most have no intentions, interest, or authority to make a buying decision [irrespective of their titles].
Who is having fun on whose cost is unclear?

A clear case where selling shovels is more profitable than digging gold.

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