16 June 2024

10 work ethic traits we can learn from Ravish Kumar

If you listen to Indian news, you have heard about Ravish Kumar, NDTV. It does not matter if you like or dislike him, agree with his style or not. You can not ignore him.

I highlight Ten traits we can learn from him and apply to whatever you and I are doing. These are also the reason according to me why ravish continues to be visible and appreciated.

  1. Detailed- Ravish's reporting and analysis is impeccably and sometimes painfully detailed. He comes with specific clauses & snippets from govt websites, international press, and sources. On issues like jobs, immigrants, ravish has built a massive library of reporting work.
  2. Find a new viewpoint- Ravish is a good storyteller. However, his genius lies in finding a fresh point of view when everyone is focused on one viewpoint.
  3. Use facts and backgrounds - Ravish leverages facts and data points heavily. He presents facts instead of using emotions to create impact.
  4. Leverage community - Ravish is seen quoting and leveraging other experts in the community. He shares good work from various reporters, organizations outside of NDTV.
  5. Give credit - He often credits his colleagues, reports, cameramen, and border community for their contribution. He is regularly seen recommending good books and reports.
  6. Focus on substance - He doesn't indulge in bickering around the issues. He focuses on substance. He dives deep into long-tail subjects.
  7. Keep things simple - His reporting style, studio setup, etc are super simple.
  8. Keep it calm - He doesn't invite 20 people to the panel. He doesn't shout. He is not animated or raises his voice.
  9. Show up every day - He shows up every day with detailed work, day after day. It is visible in his reports. He proves there are no shortcuts for doing great work.
  10. Sarcasm - he is highly sarcastic and uses it to wake up listeners.

What did you think of these 10 points? share in Comments.

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