21 June 2024

Finding where to go is the most difficult thing in the world

 The resistance is real.

In enterprise sales, there are days when your calendar is already filled. you have meetings, proposals to finish, pricing calculations to be done, slides to review, executive summaries to write, and deliver presentations.

But, there are days when you are faced with an empty calendar. A blank sheet of white paper.

When those days come right after a grueling work week, it's a welcome change. you relax. organize your work. think about strategy, improve, and prepare for the next thing.

but when these days are followed by empty calendar days, the resistance becomes your enemy.

Breaking the rhythm becomes really difficult.

It becomes hard to differentiate if this is temporary or permanent.

To some degree everyone faces it. 

We want our strings attached to someone or something, so they can pull us.

Having a clear direction to march towards is such a luxury. 

You are told where to go, and what to do.

But the hardest thing in the world is to put that plan for yourself, let alone an entire organization.

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