28 February 2009

Bangalore to Wayanad-Final part

Since sometime, i was thinking of completing the remaining part from our Wayanad trip from Bangalore. So, here is it. Sit back and enjoy the trip. If you have not captured the begining, check the ticket reservation and then the day 1 of the trip. Day 2 which started with muthanga wildlife sanctuary now continues towards the final leg.
 As we moved from muthana we stopped over for breakfast midway. We were heading for Jain temple midway before actual going for Eddakal Caves.
Jain temple: The jain temple is situated on the mainroad in Sulthan Bathery. The place was quite small and a little surprising to see no one there. we went inside strolling when we discovered a gaurd being posted inside the temple who also was very well versed with details of this temple. The temple is the reason for why the place is called sulthan bathery. This temple had hollow walls and was used to store the artilery in the times of tipu sulthan.
Eddakkal Caves: This place was a far drive from sulthan bathery and took a while before we reached the dropping point. The driver again informed us that either we could take a local jeep to reach the foothills which is some 900 meters over a steep ascent or walk up to it. We all planned and then took to walking uphill. the ascent was extremely tiring and we could see why jeeps were plying there. the complete pathway was maintained extremely well. we could see the huge mountain clouds in the backdrop.  On reaching the foothills we realized the actual ascent starts now. Oh, this was rocky mountain in front of us with places between them for climbing up. we walked and climed past those tall trees and steps and reached the ticketing counter. Above it were those huge DLF building sized rocks and people entering them and getting disapperaed. The sheer look of those rocks was mesmerising. the view from here told that has the effort has actually brought us on quite a height. 
 The tickets promised more uphill ascent. We soon were on our way and now it was just a negotiation with the rocks at every step. We were getting over the rocks, slipping under them and sometimes pushing them but it was just rocks. even exciting was the way the govt. authorities managed to make way to it. the complete way upto the caves is trecherous and dangerous. Some people were just being too excited which could actually be fatal for others, when all are moving in such close circuit. 
Recommendation: If you are travelling with kids or elderly people, you should refrain from visiting this place keeping in mind their saftey. If one insists, then should make sure that you dont go there on sunday since it gets crowded which makes it even more dangerous. 

The view from the top was breathtaking. even wonderful were the caves where the carvings have been done since the times of stone ages. there are proofs available to show that from stone ages to next generations, men lived there. there is also a script which is mix of tamil and sanskrit written there and lot of symbols which were used to communicate. the watchman was extremely helpful and had lot of knowledge about this place, since they were trained by Archeoilogical socitey of india.
 We then started our descent and clicked shots during all the times. the descent was actually quite tough and called for even more negotiation with the path.
What next???
As we reached back, the driver was waiting for us. We were not in a mood to eat much and asked him to skip the lunch stop. The next junction was the sunrise valley. the drive to this place was trechereous and dusty. a far place and took around an hours time to reach. The jeep stopped on an dead end and we could not sight any people or any drives there. Driver showed us a way and told us about the sunrise valley.
   We were in for a surpise here, and sure for the best location of the complete trip. as we moved, in just some 500 meters we saw a valley and then couple of more steps, we were in heaven. there came some rocks at just the edge and nothing apart from that to stop us. a complete view of the valley was in our front.

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