18 August 2009

Glimpse of Ganeshas getting ready

I was dying to shoot through the whole week and kept a close watch on the any events lining up in my club and friends circle but not much action seemed to come through.
Where on one hand I wanted to stay a little wary about crowded places due to Flu being spreading in the city now, I wanted to still click some shots on the eve of 15th august.

I contacted few friends but most of them seemed busy this weekend or were out of town. Somehow I had made up my mind to go out and click.
15th aug, I got up and it was still drizzling. I was a little delayed in starting up since i preferred to enjoy the morning cup of tea from my balcony enjoying the rain. Soon i got ready and packed my gear.
As I moved out of my place, it struck me that I could try Bengali association before going to pottery town. I was alone so little skeptical about if they would let me in. On the front of the Bengali association, there were some preparations beginning for the 15th Aug celebrations and I smiling asked that fellow if I could take some photos inside where the artists would be working. He in turn smiled and said "go ahead, jus let arun know". I went inside and asked for arun. Arun dada, a senior artist, in his matured way told me that we don’t let people take photos apart from press, though, you can take some. He also told me not to take photos of some of their processes which I was happy to agree to. Inside, there is a huge compound where it felt like being amid army of gods. Hundreds of ganeshas, durga and bal hanumans rested around and kept an eye on my activities :)

I started taking shots and also could discuss with the artists about how much time would each one of them would take. I would cautiously move around, so that I don’t disturb them or don’t break anything.

The amount of concentration their work requires is enormous though it might look too colorful to an outsider. I spent some 20 mins and then took leave off arun dada. The time was now 8:30. The rain had stopped but it was still overcast. I decided to move towards Pottery town from here.

The sky opened up by the time I reached there. The place looked revamped this day. Huge stalls with life-sized ganeshas could be seen around the pottery town and most of their usual pots and lanterns were given backseats, since this is ganapathi time. I choose a shop and clicked ready ganapathis there. He told me that they finished making those some days back but in the ground near the school, some more might be coming up. By now, I was feeling quite happy to have some shots done, but was looking to catch shots of artists working. I got my opportunity soon.

Near one of the tents in the school grounds, artists were working on putting up finishing touches to the ganapathis and I could shoot those scenes. It was inspiring to see them work so hard and yet be so creative.

I finally could quench my thirst for shooting and returned back home by 10 am. Do tell me how you liked the pictures and talk about your experiences if you were shooting or seeing some of these works going on in and around the city.


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