19 September 2012

Unforgettable holiday at munnar, kerela in a tea estate bunglow

Finally i return to blogging. I was travelling for the past month and a half. Time was a rare commodity when it came to blogging, so i took my mind off it. Travelling was good, but hectic. Explored new jersey. Will write and share photos in coming posts. Looked through the archives, and handpicked few photos from our recent kerela trip. This was very memorable. We had covered two places, which were very distinct and contrasting in their location, weather and everything else. Munnar, one of the hill stations in kerela, amid great mountains and tea gardens, had a chilling and rainy weather. On the other hand, Alleppey, a coastal city, with its famous backwaters and coconut grooves, was very humid and tropical. I share with you a set of photos from Munnar. I have treated these photos with a effect called '1960' in picasa, and it suited well to the mood. Do share your comments.
A photo at our tea estate bunglow. We had arrived after a good 460 kms drive from bangalore, and great weather, hills, our beautiful bunglow and a pot of tea was very welcoming. 

The view from the bunglow was mystifying. no humans around, no trace of civilization and wherever your eyes could tread, only nature surrounds.

As the sun was struggling to show up, the misty weather surrounded and a peak at a distance, was only thing visible.  made for an interesting picture to my eyes.

Time to leave. after a good two days of warming around, the beautiful sunny morning came along, and we started to come off the peaks. before we bid adieu to the city, i top a stopover at this small village and took a farewell shot.


  1. Amazingly serene photographs !

  2. thank you rajnish, puru. appreciate your thoughts.
    munnar is a very beautiful place. you can easily find a nice and away from crowd place to enjoy some peace.


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