06 August 2013

Toll information- bangalore- vellore- kanchipuram- Tirupati- Bangalore

Date time Odo Landmark/place remarks
Bangalore to Vellore (Via krishnagiri-chennai road) Read details here
27/07/2013 6:00 AM 380  start
27/07/2013 6:24 AM 403  Electronic city toll 40.00
27/07/2013 6:38 AM 417  Attibele toll25.00
27/07/2013 7:12 AM 453  A2B for tea. 20 min break
27/07/2013 7:50 AM 472  KTP toll  55.00
27/07/2013 8:33 AM 524  KW toll  70.00
27/07/2013 9:18 AM 576  pallikonda toll  70.00
27/07/2013 9:40 AM 605  GRT Vellore checkin
Vellore to Kanchipuram (Via the main chennai roadRead details here
28/07/2013 8:33 AM 671 walehahpet toll  30.00
9:05 AM 712 GRT Checkin
Kanchipuram to Tirupati(Via tirutanni)
29/07/2013 8:28 AM 849 Tirupati-alipiri toll  15.00
Tirupati to Bangalore (Via chittor bypass- KGF- mulbagal)
There were 2 toll booths on the toll road, but not functioning yet.
Total distance covered 755 Total toll paid  305.00

PS: I want to make a special mention about the information that i gathered on the road conditions especially towards tirupati and for this trip, i am really thankful to theautomotiveindia forums and folks around there for helping me out.

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