25 October 2014

Happy Diwali- 2014

Happy Diwali to All. The festival of lights, concluded yesterday. Its one of the best time of the year for us, indians. Colors, lights, Food, Shopping, Gifts, getting together of families, and lots of fun. This Diwali, after more than a decade, i spent away from Family, but rather than falling down, or feeling sad, i tried to make the best out of it. My Wife sent me some Diwali related articles, which helped me do a pseudo Pooja based on my knowledge. I also prepared a nice Kheer and it was a nice feeling. Sharing couple of photos from the event last night. We didnt burst crackers, since there are restrictions in US, and there is lack of clarity in terms of what can be done, and what cant be. Hope you have fun as well.

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