28 January 2015

Taking 10000 steps a day?

5600....13000...7500...3400... As I review my s- health app data from a past week, my motivation goes down. I see 3400 steps for Thursday. I feel as if I lost bank balance or quotient of happiness.  
The drop in graph is so disappointing and more over disheartening.
If you are like me, life around pedometers- counting steps, elevation, calories burnt etc is more than a fad. 
While surely, wearables are the hottest thing in town, there is a large fitness move which is inspiring this trend.

People like me are able to keep track of their activity levels. and It is motivating. 
As the evening draws in, sight of just having done 2000 steps makes me specially go out and take a 30 min walk.
But I have always wondered if taking 10000 is going to do some magic? Where did this number 10000 come from? 
I can't say as a fitness expert or guru, but I think being able to track your steps help in
1. Staying motivated Towards commitment to healthy life.
2. Seeing you activity trend. Are you getting more active overall or are you slumbering?

Now do we really need to get to 10k steps. I suggest that everyone should instead resolve to:
1. Log their progress.
2. Commit to higher steps week on week or if it's too much month on month. Anything more than you do today is always good.

Doing actually 10k steps has some benefits. Read this article for more details on actually found benefits.
If you are able to do 10k steps everyday, nothing like it. 
I personally have built an average of 7k steps from past 2 months as I started tracking.

Hence my advice, invest in a pedometer. More than style statement it can get you started on fitness regime.
If you want to stay away from technology, at least resolve to 30-40 of walk everyday and going beyond when possible.
See you around.

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