03 June 2016

Ease of taking great photos with phone cameras

I am often amazed by the output quality of phone cameras. I love taking pictures on the move and I dont have my SLR [Canon 400d] all the time with me. However my Note 4 does a pretty good job at filling up that gap.
Also, the portraits dont have to be perfect in a way, and playful, random angles do add to the liveliness of the image.
here in this example, my daughter and i were in a shopping center and since she and I were having some fun, I found an opportunity to take few pictures.
How I love the output quality and ease of taking these pictures.

A photo posted by saurabh mittal (@isaurabhmittal) on

However without being too pompous, I would reemphasize that ultimately cameras and gears are just tools but the most important aspect of any art form is the beholder of that eye, that gear and that perspective. But nothing to take away from the fact that Phone cameras have really come a long way ahead.

Good Day!
Tell me what you think about this image? Your thoughts of taking photos with phone cameras? Would love to hear & interact about it with you.

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