24 August 2016

Belur- Temples which talk to you- part 3 (Final)

I hope you have followed my previous posts on Belur temples and our trip there. If you have missed those out, it should be worth checking out some amazing photos from there in my posts here, and here.  
Not much to talk in the last post of this series, however, I would ask you to visit my previous posts and read more about our experience. I would leave you with some more photos from this trip to relish. 

Do tell me what you think about the photos? Have you visited this place before? How has been your experience? what the most interesting temples which you have visited before. Love to hear your comments.

The Photos on this post should not be used for professional purposes. If you would like to use them without modification for blogging or informational reasons, linking back to this blog & mentioning credits is necessary. 

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