05 September 2018

Visiting the starved rock state park and Matthiessen State Park during 2018 labor day

Matthiessen state park | lower dells | shot with: Samsung galaxy Note 8

We had our plans squashed for a long drive inside Michigan, and we relaxed with the thoughts of staying home, lazing around, a casual trip to downtown Chicago for taking photos.
however, with Saturday moving fast, the once discovered and browsed thoughts of starved rock park crossed my head.
I began the exploration and eventually figured that it would be totally upon me if I still dont make plans for a place barely 65 miles from my places.
It can be a day trip.
It can be a 1-day trip.
It can be a family hike.
it can give us an opportunity to get out of the home.
It can give me an opportunity to do something with my family over this extended holiday.

So, off did we go on Saturday morning. I made reservations at the Hampton Inn, Peru which promised to be better than the lodges at the park.

A photo blog of our trip is coming soon.

Keep watching this space.

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  1. Love this place, there is so much to do, a ton of different trails, it’s never been too crowded and it’s close to other establishments!

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