14 December 2018

Setting up our Christmas tree - Marking the beginning of the holidays

We are in full swing moving towards the holidays, as we get into the middle of December.
Christmas had a different meaning growing up in India. It was not a very big deal in the small town of Nabha, except for the shades of it start to show on the chocolate boxes, juice boxes, cutouts of Santa at different stores, and a whole lot of advertising on the tv and the shows.
In a bigger city like Patiala, you could also see small Christmas trees.
however you were to go to tier 1 cities, or major hotels to see them bring the true colors of Christmas to the town.
We also had a church in Patiala which made it look much more special than anywhere else.

however with time, things have changed, and with the advent of malls, India is now a global country. we love to celebrate festivals and Christmas has also become a big thing.
personally, as a family after Umika came along we started celebrating all the festivals which we could so she gets exposure to the culture and the people.
Our move to states opened the floodgates on exposure to different cultures.

Christmas and the whole holidays time is an amazing time within the US. Not only we set up a 6 feet Christmas tree, Umika loves decorating it with ornaments. she enjoys the lights, the flavors, the colors and the warmth which come with it.
Living in Naperville, IL presents us with an opportunity as well to venture out in the beautiful neighborhood and take in the decorations and lightings. 

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