03 January 2020

An interesting place to stop on the way to key west

During the Christmas week of 2019, I had one of my friends visiting us in Florida. the weather is just excellent at this time. 
it has been about 70 degrees most of the time. some rains but mostly sunny.
So you couldn't ask for anything more.

During his visit, we planned a day trip to key west. its approx 4 hr drive from Pembroke pines and famous for its scenic drive throughout. This time around I had also identified some interesting places to stop on the way.
#noNamePub was on my list and we reached there around noon. it was a perfect time to take a look at this pub, enjoy a cold one or two.
The pub was small in size. Nothing indifferent from the type of establishments you see in this area. however, the place was decorated with actual dollar bills all over the place and it made this interesting. 
The first thought everyone who hears about it, asks if they could pluck a note from the wall and pay for their drink ;-)

The hosts here were very friendly. although I didn't understand them serving beer in plastic cups. the pub had someplace to sit outside, but mainly for the purposes of waiting. The location of this pub was a few mins inside from the main road but its a very quiet place. We loved it. 
in fact, near-by kids found few deer and they went exploring the place and have some fun with the deer family.
Overall, a good place if you visiting Key west. worth stopping over for a quick drink or just to grab some bills.
Address: 30813 Watson Blvd, Big pine Key, FL 33043
Distance from Miami: 135 Miles (Approx)
Distance from Key West: 32 Miles

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