30 April 2020

Magical holiday lights of Naperville, Illinois

As we all deal with the Covid lockdown, I sift through some of my archive photos on my computer. This is when I bump across the winter of 2018, and where we had an amazing time going through the neighborhood of Naperville during the winter times. 
This was one of the best times as a family, where we would pack up in the car every night, and go around covering at least 5-6 six houses lit with Christmas decorations in the area. 
It was astonishing to see the elaborate decorations which are put in place by the residents. 

Holidays and life will be different this year. Hopefully, things get back to normal, which means people get back to jobs, shops and restaurants open up, people begin traveling and life returns to the way it was.

" While I may sound optimistic, there is no other way to look at things.

Stay hopeful! "

I am confident that we will overcome this darkness. We are already starting to see some positive trends across the world, as the number of cases slows down and we as a society are getting a better hang of it.
On the same front, there are people who are getting restless because this lockdown is having an immense impact on the economic aspects of countries, businesses- small and big, and individuals.

View from naperville downtown bridge

Another view of the Naperville downtown

Stay Strong everyone!
Stay home. Stay Safe.

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