16 August 2006

Journalist inside:: Me...resource Number....

define resource:
"Anything used or consumed while performing a function."

this is the perfect definition which i could figure out for a RESOURCE. but try equating your self to "anything". Peaching about the corporate sector, and that too especially about the wow...hot IT industry, people are merely resources. yep, they have drawers, tags, blue and white shirts with black shoes, plastic money and lots of numerals following them which make for some attributes of this race of RESOURCES.
they work, yield results as profits/losses, boom, get chopfallen, get downed by the sick no off time working routines and tonnes of junk food which gets readily available over their desks without the need of moving out and does no good to them in any sense. these resources get paid a little more than 'nuff to feel jolly about it.
I lately got into the same act as i joined with a MNC. great ambience, coffee vending machines yelling out cappuchinos round the clock, conference calls aroud the evenings giving it a share market typo feel, ostentatious offices with numb bamboo streaks on one side of the parkings and miles of mahagony top conference rooms with chairs all laid up with leather, diverse kinda people talking loud in various dialects/versions of english...some calling it hinghlish proudly to their benifit, some using it to speak bangla, bhojpuri in sync and all mixed up, which a britisher may stumble upon on listening. But since this time, i never felt that i too am a white duck in the rainforest..a RESOURCE which is a bit of human and more of a employee id over the cubicals of the office. as a new joinee i had a feel good factor about it but sooner or later i have also realized that nothing matters except you doing your work in time and leaving office as soon as possible.
people like me, who come over and join MNCs with emotions inside and ambitions, get hurt sometime when they see people being too professional. i mean, how do you feel when you are working late at the office, starving for food but feel inside "as soon as i finish this i am gonna eat"...or "the TL has not yet had food, he too must be hungry..so can i resist" and then suddenly you come across a huge roar which does everything to tell you that those morons had already ordered food for them and the party is on. this situation, if you get into, forget eating, you would sulk for not having a machine gun. you would want to own a AK-56 or which ever has most rounds in it and fire those crooks all the rounds. i mean do you call this professionalism or what...
people often mistake the meaning and usage of words and they end up tagging everything to being pro typos...but no, it is not. professionalism would idealy mean A practitioner with excellent practical skills and proven results in his field and undoubtly doing it for money, but until and unless some heart is involved, you dont get raised hands for you when you vote out yours well wishers.

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