18 August 2006

Journalist inside:: dosti@professional circuit

"ye dosti, hum nahi chhodenge..." cues me of amitabh ji and dharam bhaji dallying, cuddling and doing all kinds of moto-circus over their enfield bullet in the legendary movie "SHOLAY". Till date, people often remember that, when they feel nostalgic after two three rounds of large patiala pegs. its a frequent phenomenon that the things, which you dont feel like verbalizing in sane mood do it on a high. it is even foreign too and i go skeptical about it. But then how relevent are these relations are in the current scenario in the corporate sector, is one of my concerns.
Often people put lots of hunky-dory about relations, lousy and lul to go about it, but how many do really mean that. one of the close peers of mine, suggested me once "Be friendly to all around you, but dont fall ever to make one there....". how true is that. i dont blame him for feeling so low. he is in a way, correct also as he has been working with another MNC since last two years, and i dont doubt anybody feeling the same after some exposure to the corporate culture.
In a way its the sad fact about the professional race. people are so much goal oriented that they will cross over any limits to lure anyone or bust their ass getting the work done. An instance will guide you to help someone as they are good bunch of guys around and you tend to help people out and on another instance, the same bunch of people turn out to be crooks, will be trying to cut your throat downunder..its the same old official politics which has been always surmounting any official enviornment since the concept of ruling humans came into being.Alas, those medivial period...those naked adam & eve days, those good old apes, our ancestors...those must have been great days for sure.
but my experience says you should take best of all the worlds. you can be selfless as well as helping and a great peer at the office enviornment. you dont need to a pink ribbon on red carpet to lure people to get your stuff done, nor do you need to be bush, busting butts of iraqis for his favour not done.
I always believe "A smile is the only curve, which sets everything straight."
and if i would have been a management guru, i would have taught people the importance of smiling at the office and then no wonder you will find all around you, suddenly available and mind you, this will not be being sharing napkins, single bed and sheet, growing old relation called friends..it would just be adorable good old monk in the office circuit.....
so any of you who has been sulking off getting screwed by mean people around and if you often complain of being getting used, then stop screaming..stop thinking that people should be on the same level of honesty as you do..just be sane, look forward to your goals and then be genuinely interested talking to people and remember, keep smiling and then see...you will get things moving without making friends or with driving anybody crazy...

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