15 December 2008

learning Crop factors, 35mm and others, sensor sizes.

Today I got a moment or two and started “googling” & reading something on photography, which I normally do whenever I get time off. I think, when something gets to your mind, you sure love it. And I think that’s true vice-versa also. Whenever I get sometime, I read. I observe other’s work and also learn from other’s mistakes and magnificent shots. I came across an exceptional article related to the 35mm camera equivalence and also the basis of what’s known as Crop factor, sensor sizes and related factors. I was even more shocked, when to a reply of one person’s comments; Derek says that he writes those things professionally but since he is undergoing his cancer treatment, he is putting that on the blog, may be not able to work fulltime or so. What a spirit!!!
The article is worth the read and I wish Derek gets well soon and continues his regular chores.
You can find the article here.

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