17 September 2011

5 tips for taking abstract shots

Welcome to Saurabh Mittal Photography. I am trying to get regular on writing and sharing some of things what i have learnt in photography.
Today, i am going to talk about taking abstracts. As the name implies, anything which can interpreted or be seen at in many different ways, or in a way which is different that usual, qualifies as abstract for me. For ex:- you see images of leaves, flowers etc, but sometimes, the artists, shoots them in abstract format and brings out a different feel from the same subject.
Here are 5 tips on shooting and making abstract photos, as i have been doing.
 1. Shooting from unusual angles:- Angles can play a huge role in the way an image comes out. you can try to shoot the same objects from varied angles, and you would be amazed to see, that some of the angles, actually abstract the view of the object, but reflect on a certain aspect of it.

2. Finding unusual subjects:- you would be surprised, that some of the very unsual subjects make for some of the best abstract images. Try shooting a grungy metal object, or dead leaves floating on water. you may be in for a great surprise.
 3. Shooting at different focal lengths and using depth of field: Filling up the frame sometimes, can bring out a whole new perspective of a subject. Using a macro lens to fill up the frame with the pollen of the flower, can make for a very strong abstract. Also experiment with depth of field, to isolate certain aspects of the subject.
4. Find patterns: Patterns, make some of the best abstract shots. shooting for a stair case from the top, or certain patterns on the leaves are amazing contenders for abstract photography.

5. Play with light:- last but not the least, play with light to create different moods. Shadows, light falling through some source, or creating different arrangements in the frame can give different dimension to an abstract image.

Do write back, what do you do you, when you take abstracts.

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