08 October 2011

Glimpses of Durga Puja

So, today, i get some time to put together the images which i clicked over 3 days during durga puja. Where in our punjabi culture, we celebrate navratras in different way, it has always been very special to be part of this cultural extravaganza, celebrated by bengali community.
Here is my view of some time which i spent seeing activities as part of the celebrations. Do tell me what you feel about these.
An idol of Maa durga, at pandal @ Bengali association, Palace grounds, bangalore.

The pandals had a great amount of seating arrangement, with a very comfortable setup. I loved the fact that no one was in hurry. There were some people, who were seated and waiting for the aarti, and there were few who were queued up for the darshans. I loved the arrangement of such a grand event.

The pandal, was not only well managed, but beautifully lit as well. The way the lightening arrangement was done, was adding to the feel of the place. extensive usage of chandeliers was really beautiful.

A family while darshans, snaps away the blessings.
Musicians beat drums as the aarti commenced.

One of the crew members, a musician on the stage, amidst the crowd.

there was no limit to the prasadam, and devotees.

The holy & divine light

aarti of the goddess
A bengali event, would not be complete if you didnt have a bengali -kolkatta pan. a vendor specializing in kolkatta and banarsi pans.

Aarti at its most beautiful point. A musician looks on, while beating the drums.

Devotees, taking the aarti.

The journey begins. at the association at Indiranagar, devotees load up the idols and get ready to take the idols for immersions.

The crew, who helps in immersions, with the police deployed, wait for the idols.

Idols being carried for their journey.
A bengali lady, looks on, while they arrive at ulsoor lake after sindoor khela.

Waving good bye

While the immersions are carried along, a lady looks at the process.

Another bengali lady, in typical dress and after the sindoor khela.

Durga maa arrives at the venue, among the devotees.

Another face, in the crowd,turned up for the immersions.

Durga maa looks on, while the divers crew, shares the money among themselves.

Happy for having celebrated the puja, and hoping to welcome the goddess the same way for years to come.

A happy set of bengali women, while immersions conclude.

Close up of the idol. do pay attention to the craftsmanship and especially, the way the eyes are done.

Bidding adieu.

1. Please note, where i have clicked pictures of individuals posted here, those are to depict the personalities and the cultural celebrations.
2. None of the photos posted here should be copied, since all the photos are copyrighted, hence permission and written consent should be seeked before any of the photos here can be made use of.

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