16 October 2011

Pottery town- A monochrome presentation

I visited pottery town, in the last week of september, with expectation of clicking some durga puja idol making. There was no action happening around it, but i was happy clicking making of diyas and lamps for the diwali approaching. Here is a small presentation of those images. do share your comments. This time, i would let the images do the talking.
Ready to go pots waiting to be picked. I always love to shoot these, for to the play of light they offer.

Small idols of goddess durga, ready for paint work. these are prepared in batches. The first set goes through the kiln and then with an overnight spent, the painting work begins.

Many eyes of the goddess. Keeping close eye.

An artist prepares a diya which has half of sun and half of moon, put together. after their clay mould gives the diya, the artist gives final finishing touches.

I loved these abstract models, though i didnt understand what were these.

Another batch of clay pots ready for sun.

Pure craft, making diyas.

Shaping up!

Thread cutting, again a skill, honed with experience.

Batch of ganesh idols, ready for paint work.

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