01 August 2012

Peeping into their future

Compiled some interesting shots from the rocky Chitradurga, and its beautiful windmilly landscapes. I learnt that Chitradurga is the largest windmill farm, in asia. which is evident once you get there. For its location, if you ever drive from Bangalore towards north, you are bound to cross through Chitradurga, and its windmills, and stony mountain peaks all around. For my travelogue to chitradurga, check out here.
A shot taken at the Chitradurga fort. I was moving through the fort, when onside, i noticed this couple sitting on a rock. The pink color of Dupatta, the way both of them were sitting, and the backdrop of windmills, made for an interesting composition to my eyes. The feel of the image, made me name it 'peeping into their future'.
Do share with me what you think about it? do you have a better caption for this?  

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