02 December 2014

Photographers paradise: Belur- Temples which speak -Part 2

I am hoping if you getting directly to this page, you may want to check on the part 1 of the photo series here
Here are some additional photos from the trip as part two. The intricate detail work is not just on the outside walls of the temples, but it follows and gets even more detailed towards the inside. The interiors of these temples must be at least 15 degree cooler than the outside if not more.  A shot i took of the interior of the main temple at Belur.

While you move around the south and visit temples, the detailing work of the temples is not as good as the temples here. Although there are some sculptures which are in damaged condition but now With govt taking care of these temples, the upkeep of these temples is much better. The guides moving around the temple all the times, also do act as saviors and i have seen them discouraging people from getting too intimate or trying to touch things or when some visitors try to jump on things. there are security personal around too, but i didnt see them much active.
Another great feature of most of these temples is that there is almost no fee towards these temples which is super awesome. I feel that govt can make lot of money by levying a higher fee but provided they spend more towards the upkeep of these heritage sites. in selling things which we own, we can learn a lesson or two from the west, where the smallest of the parks/cultural centres are maintained so beautifully and sold so highly that i sometimes wonder why cant we do the same.
With that thought i leave you check out the photos and leave your comments. Watch out for the next part of this photo essay tomorrow!

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