19 March 2015

Moving to a new site

Dear Readers,
 My Blog has done well with all your support, readership, comments and suggestions!

Its time for me to move to a new platform and this can be a bit disruptive for all of us.
Apart from me spending some time and putting the chips in right place, you may have difficulty finding content. I apologize in advance for that.
Rest assured things should be alright.

As the blocks move around, do go and checkout my new http://www.saurabhmittalphotography.com/ which is in making.

I will move selective posts there and continue to work on my blog.

Pls do feel free to comment in the section below and i will get back to you.
Tell me what is the most important part of my blog if you have read from me before? what among photography tips, travel and general shots do you like the most? do you have a suggestion for me, or for other readers to make use of, while moving to a new blog?

I will wait for your suggestions!

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