24 October 2017

Fall colors in naperville

One of the streets in naperville, looks beautiful with fall colors all around

The fall is here in all its glory. In the midwest, especially around the Chicago area where we live, I often hear from people that the lake(Lake Michigan) ensures that fall colors come in earlier here. I have no way to agree or disagree to that.
All I can confirm is that this year, the weather didnt continue going down, which has led to some change in patterns. the fall has come in slower and suddenly sped up in past few days with mercury dropping finally.

We are planning to head towards michigan this week to look through the fall foliage, but one of the advantages of living in a beautiful suburb like naperville, is that there is enough tree cover around. We also have mortum arbtorum nearby which we thoroughly enjoyed this time of the year, last year for its wide stretches of green covers, plenty of trees and their palette of colors.

Along side photography, we as a family love to take walks and enjoy the beauty all around, and also try to identify different trees. Some of the key ones which we have been able to identify for their fall colors are:

  1. Quaking Aspens
  2. Sumac
  3. Dogwoods
  4. Purple Leaf Sand Cherry
  5. Sweetgum Trees
  6. Beech Trees
  7. Shagbark Hickory Trees
  8. Japanese Maple Trees
  9. Sugar Maple Trees
  10. Swamp Tupelo Trees
  11. River Birches
  12. Sunburst Honey Locusts

There is no specific time to enjoy the beauty of these trees and their coloration. On our walking loop, my daughter and I often keep eyes on the trees on the path and they change colors sometimes daily basis. it is just so majestic. hence during the fall, you are sure to see a different color, different tone, and a new frame every time. You must go out and check those out.

By the way, I also heard about this very interesting and new business venture which promises to preserve and ship fall foliage to folks who cant have it. I found it interesting. go check it out here.

Fall had just begun and the day was beautiful and bright. looking up is all I did, and the whole sky was there to appreciate, with the yellow and green leaves in the foreground. #Naperville

one of the late evening views from our apartments, with some maple trees starting to get the beautiful red coloration on them. in the back all the other trees also show signs of coloration. #naperville #yellowBox

A closer look at the top branches of this sugar maple tree turning crimson red. there are some visible yellows in there too. #naperville

Walk through the neighborhood, and a postcard view, with clean lines and a coloring tree in the foreground. it was just past 4 pm and the sunlight adds to the beauty of this shot. #naperville

Another shot from the walk, in the late afternoon. the light wasnt very harsh at this time and the warmth from it, adds to the colors of this tree and the scene overall. #naperville

tree with fall colors beginning to show
Sunday morning and this tree in the neighborhood comes to its prime with bright yellow almost scintillating from close by. It was bright and refreshing.  #naperville

street with maple trees in fall colors
an evening scooter ride with my daughter through the neighborhood and we stop to appreciate the colors all around us. #naperville 

street with red color maple trees in fall colors
Another one on the street, turning red in no time with cooling temperatures. #naperville

street with fall foliage in naperville
a quite walk on sunday afternoon. it was damp and rainy but the colors of these trees were in their primes. #naperville

street with fall foliage in naperville
the fallen yellow leaves almost make you feel poetic. #naperville

street with fall foliage in naperville
some things are hard to be captured with the lens and just enjoyed through the naked eye. While I was walking through this area, with a light breeze, yellow leaves were coming off the branches and it was just so dramatic. #naperville 

stop sign ahead of a beautiful yellow tree in the fall season
And my final shot for this collection. I urge you to stop and take in all the beauty around you before the winters set in. this is the most beautiful time of the year and should be made best use of. #naperville

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