12 October 2017

How has using a standing desk changed my work life and health (with photos)

I have now been using my standing desk- from autonomous. The buying decision was a bigger hustle than using it. there are multiple options in the market which makes it difficult for the end customer to decide on what will be the best solution for them. these products also sell across a wide range of price brackets.

In my 6 months of using this pretty much every day, my experience has been:

  1. this is motor controlled adjustable table making it very flexible with my routine.
  2. My activity levels have gone up significantly. Especially while standing, it is phenomenal how your number of steps goes up. It has made me less lazy with most of the things.
  3. In general, my use of the table in standing position vs sitting position is 50/50 these days on average. I have noticed that for certain types of activities, like taking calls/video conferences/meetings, browsing and reading the information, standing desk position works best. however, when I am busy doing something where much more brainpower is involved, my body automatically signals me to move into a sitting position.
  4. Motor & Responsiveness: The motor and its overall responsiveness are quite good. When reviewing different standing desks, there was a lot of metric available on how much 'load' these tables can pull up and how 'fast' they go up and down. For me, this table has been idle. In normal life, these metrics matter little post-purchase unless your usage and product mismatch really badly. I am quite satisfied with the motor speed and its overall responsiveness.
  5. Cleaning & upkeep: The desktop is pretty good quality and until now, I have not seen anything which may be called 'wear n tear' or 'aging'. I normally clean my desk every day with a clean cloth. Only when there are smudges or any residue from my teacup etc, I use wet wipes to clean it off.
  6. Balance: the table has been doing well however recently felt that the tabletop wobbles a bit towards the front. I have seen the base is fairly stable so it has something to do with the tabletop and how it is connected. I will explore this further and see what may be causing that.
So, that's my experience until now. Do tell me if there is some aspect of the autonomous standing desk you would like to know.

Here are some photos for your reference:

autonomous standing desk
My Standing desk in its full glory. I still haven't fully completed the cord management for it where they disappear 100% but i am pretty happy overall.

autonomous standing desk
A little better view of my workspace. Some favorite toys and lot of writing equipment
autonomous standing desk
Accessory I bought to raise the height of the monitor so that my neck is always straight and I don't have to slouch

autonomous standing desk
One of my favorite additions- the globe on my desk.
So, what do I through about spending this kind of money on replacing my table?
I love it and would recommend anyone on the fence to take a plunge.
Look at how I made the decision here

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