21 April 2017

Standing Table: decision made

My Current Standing desk

I work from home mostly, or I travel. From the past two years, I have tried and tested many ways at home to adopt a standing desk approach.
It always works great. The days, I have used my standing desk hacks, are the best days overall. I may be super busy but it makes things so much faster for me, because I don't have to exert myself to stand up, and instead I am already on the move.
The problem in this whole equation for me has been finding a good solution for a standing desk.

I had evaluated quite a few companies and their products, namely Varidesk, Ikea's standing desk- SKARSTA, Ikea's standing desk BEKANT,  Autonomous, Uplift, and quite a few others.
Then there are other hacks or small tools which you can look at amazon, which can be stacked on the table, as cheap options to try out the standing desk lifestyle.
finally, the third innovative product, http://oristand.co/ which I thought was a really smart overall solution. it's darn cheap and another great option to get a sense of this approach. at $30 it is the cheapest option available and not a hack at all.

ikeas's BEKANT stand/sit desk

Main considerations & issues with above products

  1. I have tried multiple things at home as a hack. the look shoddy although you can get a good sense of standing desk approach.
  2. Options like Varidesk need a dedicated space for itself. They also sit on top of the existing table. I still don't have a dedicated room for the home office, so it tends to look overly busy & clunky in an existing bedroom.
  3. Ikea's desks like BEKANT are good. although when I tried it, the manual lowering/lifting mechanism is really troublesome. it takes quite a bit of time and effort to move the desk up or down. While buying this may not be a big deal, but eventually, I could see this becoming a problem.
  4. Some others like Ikea's motorized standing desk, and others like JARVIS, Uplift all tend to get pretty expensive and start hovering the $500 mark or above that. I find that extraordinary. While I will consider the standing desk as an investment in self, I believe in smaller steps and there is way may options available which may be cheaper & still sound investments. 
  5. Finally, stability and space were my other consideration. being able to place my monitor, 2 laptops, and a couple of journals to write is all the space I need.

At-home solutions for trying a standing desk approach without buying anything:

  • Kitchen bar- usually works great for long stools. I use that sometimes when no one is home to use as a standing desk/platform.
  • Stacking small stool on my table for a day to use my existing table for standing desk purposes. this works but messy. also can be unstable and often when my daughter goes to my room with me not around, I get nervous.

My decision after two years
Finally, After trying a multitude of options and considering all the factors, I have taken a plunge with Autonomous desks smart desk 2. They have fantastic reviews and the product pricing is amazing.
I am expecting my table to arrive this week.
As I set up the table and start using it, I will write again about my experience with it on the basis of stability, ease of setup, and other factors. Stay tuned. 

Autonomous's standing desk solution

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