31 May 2017

Some photos from my trip to West palm beach

West palm beach has always had a special place in my heart. This was my first destination in the states 7 years back, and played an important role in my professional and personal journey, both from travel, photography, learning, networking & making new friends.
Recently I traveled to West palm beach after a long time. after and before work, I did get the opportunity to get out of work and visit some of the cool places which I have a special liking. Juno beach and its pier, local restaurant (Yard house) are some of my favorites.
I hope you enjoy the photos. As I visit next time, I will capture more of my favorite places in west palm beach and share.
All the photos here are from my phone camera, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Juno beach, pier, sunrise
This was a beautiful morning. the temperature, just right. As I walked along the shorelines, I wanted to see the beautiful sunrise. however there was a thick cloud cover, so it was doubtful. However the surrounding was so pretty and calm, that sunrise is not the only thing to be enjoyed. After a while, it became clear that we won't see the sunrise. however the 30 mins I spent sitting before the sunrise and little after, were some of the best times. Soulful, peaceful and mindful.

June beach, sunrise
On my way back to my hotel, 

juno beach, sunrise

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  1. Nice Pictures!! Thanks for sharing your experience while you visited west palm beach. This place also close to my heart because i have a great experience of west palm beach restaurants.


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