28 February 2018

JJ Astor Roof top rotating restaurant in Duluth

I recently went on a business trip to Duluth, Minnesota and stayed at the Radisson hotel in the downtown area. For my meetings, I had looked up for JJ Astor restaurant, which sits at the top of the Radisson hotel and is supposed to be a spinning restaurant.  I had been here once before for a business dinner and was looking forward to spending time at this restaurant during the daytime and getting some views.

Its a million dollar view of the Lake superior, landmark spots of Duluth and all the beautiful scenery around it. There was snow, still on the ground and the sun was shining bright, hence the view couldn't be better.
The ambiance of the restaurant is also well suited to the environment. There are big tables placed all around with hefty and comfortable chairs. The outer dial of the restaurant continues spinning, at a pace which can go unnoticed for a while. The bar and the central portion of the restaurant are fixed as you arrive via the elevator.
The menu is good. for a vegetarian like I appreciate that they have a couple of items and the servers everytime was happy to make things to suit my taste[ additional vegetables on the side, less cheese, etc]
Overall, I had a very good experience of going to business meetings here and also having a personal lunch here. I would go this place again if I have a chance. I am leaving with some photographs from my trip.

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