26 November 2008

Experiments with my Macro kit

(Please click to see the original size)
I ordered my macro kit and couple of filters final from one of the manufacturers after a long wait and lot of searching around. Filters and lens for larger sizes(77mm) are tough to find and most of the retailers i came across, were from out of India. Ordering through them would mean lot of hassles of custom duty and secondly you may never be able to trust them with your money and quality of products.
The light has been extremely bad these days with bangalore going in a blanket of showers and mist in the early morning and continuing with an overcast day leaving no time to take any good clicks. Being desperate to click using my macro lens, i experimented on my living room and as after i finished some mixture with tea, i used the spoon to click and magnify. As i magnified, i observer the salt and other masala giving nice color to the surface and the spoon appearing as craters on the moon. Here is the first glimpse.Shall post some interesting subjects soon.

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