30 November 2008

A show of man's Best Friend

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This Saturday & Sunday saw The Bangalore Canine Club go ahead conducting its 16th Dog show in the city and looked quite promising on the papers. I was equally surprised with the decent turnout at the event as with the sudden change in the weather that morning. The chances looked equally opposite in the morning but seems it was the canines who won their favor from the almighty. The Palace grounds shed the water soon and made quite good ground for people to come in and enjoy the show.
I may not be the best person to name all the breeds of the dogs who lined up with their proud owners, but sure am a dog lover and nothing excited me more. In one corner could be another surprisingly fed and grown mastiff waiting to be clicked for a shot, where on the other side, a pair of Siberian Huskies, sniffing around all around, fully alert.The dog barks in the environment and kids getting enticed by their looks & playful mood, was something that was really making up for the event. Here are couple more shots from the day. There were almost 400 different varieties of dogs which were scheduled to be exhibited at the show. Some of the dogs to be noted were St. Bernard, Neapolitan Mastiff, Maltese, Bull Mastiffs, pugs, Great Danes. I could also click a shot of the famous "The Mudhol hound" as a special exhibit.
A great day with the best friend of man, in such huge variety. Some More at http://www.flickr.com/photos/quitefar/

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Do I see Tintin's Snowy there?


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