01 March 2011

Glimpse in local history-Jupiter lighthouse, Florida

It was Saturday and i was wondering if i could plan an outing. It has been a month in Palm beach garden and couple of top sites near around, were still lingering on my TO-DO list. Decided to start knocking off further from the list by visiting Jupiter Lighthouse. Read about the place and found quite interesting stuff on the website and promised to be a beautiful place to spend a day and learn some stuff about local culture.
Location: Located just off Alternate A1 highway, took me 15 mins to reach from RCA Blvd with a distance of 8 miles. The lighthouse stands tall and as you approach the "Jupiter Island" area, a beautiful, Cherry red guy housing light top against the blue sky is something hard to be missed. the coast and the property are now under the control of US Coast gaurd and hence most of the area is secured and people are not allowed to move around the lighthouse without the officials, but the coast side is open for general public to soak in sun.
This place is divided into three parts.The ticketing center and a museum, the lighthouse and the trail where all the old living style of Hobe Indians, and especially the house of Washington Tindall is preserved and the third is a small park for children on the theme.

US coast gaurds hold this port front and have their apartments built on this property with a personal shopping store on the property. Hence this historical place is a restricted area. The property also falls among important places under the  "WORLD WAR II" US Naval Housing Buildings.
The main building houses the gift shop and one can also buy tickets for the guided tours. The ticket is $9 and the trips run every 15 mins depending on the number of people visiting the place. The building is a typical wooden house built on the shores. A beautiful place to buy some Jupiter Lighthouse souvenirs or spend some time reading your fav book.

(Some nice time alone)
(The volunteers walking down to the office, getting ready for the trip)
(One of the volunteers, walking the troop through tindal house. this is a cracker house and they work quite hard to restore the old stuff they find and getting all of that together. This team of volunteers has also grown similar fruits, ferns and vegetables which were grown by the tindall family for their survival)

(One of the volunteers, telling the story about the old table)
(Some more home fixtures)
(The Lighthouse, in all its glory)
(The old banyan tree. they mentioned that the oldest is in India :-) )
(Different perspective)
(Climbing the 105 stairs to the top of the lighthouse)
(View from the top of the lighthouse, overseeing the Jupiter inlet)

Finally a nice day spent and some new place explored. while driving back home, i stopped over at the inlet and took some shots. Quite a refreshing trip.

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