24 April 2011

A thought-Being yourself

Came across this beautiful quote
"“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”
So apt. Most of the time, we just tend to do things in life to keep everyone around us pleased. More than self, opinions of others starts to take precedence. But does, in a man life, everyone ever will agree to the same point.
 Everyone has their opinions and different perspectives, making it even harder for you to please everyone. Opinions, tastes can never be booleans.  Had it been any easier, Starbucks would just be selling Cups of tea like Ramu Kaka outside Delhi university or Strong filter Coffee outside Spencers in Chennai. So why even try.
           The key is, to be yourself! Find your own style and take it from there! You cant convert yourself into something who you are not. Slowly you would start to understand your flair. Work on that! Enrich your style. Gain more knowledge. Read more, if possible try and share! Do some sessions, write some tutorials or may be do some video tuts. That will take you much farther, than what bothering about opinions would. As someone said, the most important part of taking advices and opinions is from whom they come. So, listen to everyone! but use your own mind!
Be yourself. Power to you!

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