15 May 2011

Tablets of 2011- Apples & androids

Market has been revolutinized by many factors and my products. as they say, if you could meet consumers unmet needs, you have innovated. So, does smart phones qualify to be a major innovation and market transformers.
 today, Social media is the buzz word. there is no successful business, without getting itself established as an identity over the internet. your friends become patrons of marketing and they share what they appreciate with their friends. this ultimately becomes a chain reaction, which could benifit organizations in no time. Can that be called an innovation! certainly.
 The article i sat to write about was to define or understand another similar innovation.
Ipad2 is a cool gadget. The fury in the market for the new ipad2 has been so that till now it isnt available in stores. you just cant walk into an apple store and buy one. The 3G ones are available though but most people are not buying that. On my personal experience, when i made up my mind to pick an Ipad,
when i walk into an apple store on Friday, the store executive told me that i should come on Tuesday at 8 am. the store opensat 9ambut people line up at 8am since every morning theyrecieve their shipments and those get sold like "hot n fresh pancakes". While i was driven out by this mad fury, I started reviewing other options in the market Its better than acer iconic, asus transformer,motorola xoomsince its an apple product and just that only:

1. Its doesnt have good cameras- it has VGA cams.
2. It doesnt have usb ports.
3. It doesnt have HDMI out.
4. It doesnt have support for additional memory.
5. It doesnt have support for flash at all.
6. It doesnt have better screen resolution. it isat 1024*800.
7. It doesnt let you organize stuff by anything else otherthan itunes. Major dependency.
8. It doesnt have support for 4G except i believe verizon's contracted Ipad2.

Ipad2 is so better :) Market dynamics have changed so fast.

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