06 June 2011

5 things that motivates me to photography!

I have written a lot of articles and some of them have been huge. I am now shifting this towards writing smaller pieces and write them more often. Hope that turns out to be interesting and useful to my readers.
My family has been very supportive but often is amazed by the commitment I have towards photography. I am often asked as to what motivates me towards photography. I have made statements that if I am going to quit my job, this time it’s going to be for photography as a full-time thing, I am asked, what makes you think so! 

My 5 Reasons

Hence here are the 5 reasons which motivate me, and hopeful top reasons why people are motivated towards photography:
  1. Express yourself: It’s an old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photography gives you a creative medium to express. It could be capturing the beauty of nature or capturing peoples on the street or using it for journalism. For me, it’s always been about capturing something I see it and being able to express it in my photos. I love to shoot people, their emotions, and expressions. I love to narrate their stories via my pictures.
  2. Get creative: Photography is an artistic medium and there are no boundaries. You can delve deeper into any category, any form, any discipline to realize the depth is infinite. Every day millions of photographers push those infinite limits by being creative. It could be learning light painting or HDRs, using a zoom lens to make panoramas! It could be using the same technique and implement in a different form! It’s always fun and there is no end to it.
  3. See places, enjoy moments: Photography, in its vast form, makes you move around. You travel, you get to visit a lot of new places and see a lot of things which you otherwise might not be doing. For a lot of people, travel is their job so photography gets added as a result, but it happens the other way for most of the rest. I love the opportunity my camera provides me, with which I always am in search of new places to shoot. It could be the busy market in the city heart or a distant tourist spot, a photographer always finds a new place.
  4. Make a difference: Photography does provide you a chance to make a difference in someone's life. One could do photo stories and spread awareness about the nearby school in bad shape or old age homes and the lonely life elderly spend there. There have been many photographers who have involved their art for community purposes. In a very simple way, while we have shot a couple of local markets, we have gone back with the printed photos, tracked back those people, and given them their photos. I can’t explain how it feels when they see their photo and thank you! For lots of them, maybe their first photo printed after the one on their ration cards or driving licenses.
  5. Make money: Photography again, if pursed seriously can turn out as a career option as well. If not for a career, you still can make money as you win contests, sell photos as Stock galleries or do local exhibits. I involve in all of them and can say for sure, that it’s not bad at all if done properly.

Do share as to what motivates or pushes you towards photography! Would be really interested to hear from people.

If you would like to buy this photograph for commercial use or would like to buy rights to this photography, contact me at quitefar@gmail.com for further details.
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  1. :) ... i love capturing moments.... tough Garg doesnt like it... he believes u shud just live d moment nd not waste time capturing it... :)

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    1. thx a ton. yes, i did design this myself. my only recommendation is that you can search stuff online and go from there. start small, from blogger template and work your way through it.


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