07 June 2011

5 reasons why you might not want to sell your Point & Shoot

I have been quite often, asked about this, from many of my colleagues and friends. Not that I am a tech guru or the most known photographer in town, but maybe I happen to be the one around the corner, when the thought bubbles to them. Seeing someone holding an SLR suddenly makes lot of people think that they might be making excellent images and chain of thoughts from there. Lot of people also feel that buying an SLR is a step which is going to change their photography for good. They see this as a natural succession and hence their trusted P&S camera feels like a mediocre gadget, a blocker in their way to stunning pictures.

Here are top 5 points on why I think you should not give up your P&S and jump into SLR world:
(One of my award winning photo titled "Faith & reality", shot with H50)
Understanding art: This has been said many times in different ways, but cameras don’t make good pictures. The eyes do! The photographers do! Buying a Ferrari doesn’t mean the having the best driving skills, a professional knife doesn’t mean the best food. If this point is understood by an individual, the other aspects are relatively easier to understand. The perspective lies in your eyes, in the way you see things. Camera and other gear is just a medium. So, preserve your P&S and experiment with it. Work and try new things. You would understand its qualities and limits. Get to know it better. You would surprise yourself.

Motive & quality comparisons: Majority of the times, we use the images and share them only on the internet. Very few times, we go out and print 4*6 or max out at 8*10. Rarely does someone print photos in larger sizes. Where latest P&S are not handicapped in printing sizes (thx to 14MPXL cams everywhere in market), only when used for professional purposes, the difference might be felt or visible. So, why get into the rat race for SLR! See the motive behind it. Enjoy your creativity rather than sulking on gear.
(Street shot, using sony h50)
Mobility: While you enjoy using your P&S today, with a SLR, mobility becomes an issue. You would eventually be carrying a camera and set of lenses which take quite a bit of space, handling and care. Now imagine, all of this compared to a small bag tied to your waist with a 14 mpxl P&S. Mobility is definitely a point you need to consider when you are thinking of moving away from your P&S. carrying 6 kg bag with camera, lenses all day around could be an hassle when your purpose of moving to SLR might just be for fun.
(Bird Photography @ Hebbal lake, Shot with H50)
Ease of shooting: The ease of shooting is what I have enjoyed the most with P&S. While shooting birds, I have made lot of photos with patience and using my p&S effectively. Where my older h50 camera would give me 465mm optical zoom in a jiffy, my fellow friends would be either changing lenses or just be contented with a 200mm lens. The detachable live view in some cameras makes taking macros and shots in awkward position a breeze. 
(Street shot, Shot using h50)
Moollah: The last and may be the most important part is the cost aspect. I am not trying to say that costs can deter you, but just adding a perspective. A P&S, say Sony h50 costs me around 20k. It gives you a crisp macro of 1:2 ratio (Sure!) and a length of 465mm optical zoom. Now consider a simple comparison with a SLR. The body with a basic kit lens should start from 20k. Now, add a macro lens, not a top notch but just a basic macro which can give you 1:2 ratio and length (ex:canon 55-250), that should cost you 11k.And this is just one lens which suffices length and basic macro. The whole point is, that you would be buying different lenses to suffice your needs and that’s an arena which gets really cash hungry.

In the end, the whole point is to bring a perspective on the table. Are you buying it for a specific reason, or is it just that everyone is getting it and so are you! This is still your personal decision, but if I can fire up some thinking with the perspective and shots shown here, I would be happy.

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