25 June 2011

Name etching!

This morning, while i went out for a brief shoot, never did i know that my destination, Hebbal lake would turn out to be a spoiler. We resorted back to a company park, in the vicinity of Ramamurthy nagar, a nice locale on the outer ring road. 
Where the park, was very nice and was located at a beautiful location, something peculiar was at the heart of it. A magnanimous, and quite old banyan tree. Normally, if people make fuss about a banyan tree, it has to be for its huge size, like the biggest one on the globe, gracing Bangalore. This looked so peculiar, for all the love Graffitti, etched into it. I dont know if there is any such competition or record already in place, but if there shall there be one, India would top it. From public toilet doors, to our national heritage monuments to local bus seats to our walls, and some specially chosen trees like this, one first chance, we love to leave remembrances there. Surveys suggest that Indian men are much conservative when it comes to expressions, but i am not sure if the people who reported that, did consider these symbols of our expressions. Not only does people leave their names and their love interests names, etched into the surface, some even go a step further and make absurd diagrammatic representations of their unison. 
I guess these people derive pleasure out of this, or possibly that's the only thing they could achieve after failing in love. I am not going to bother much about unraveling the secrets behind such foolishness, but just bringing out an observation. As Our natural environment gets contaminated by throwing chemical wastes or non-biodegradable around, similarly such social contamination also maligns our social environment and leaves a bad examples in the society and for the kids to follow. 
Let the trees be alone, they already are loosing their majority!

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